Sunday, June 1, 2008

21st Century Symposium

I am very excited about a new project. Three colleagues and I are working (with the assistance of our wonderful principal and a great group of kids) on a new, experimental, multidisciplinary course for next year.

21st Century Symposium will be led by four core-area teachers (math, social studies, science, and me, English) and will incorporate aspects of all subject areas in a study of real-world themes and ideas that is student-driven. Kids will determine projects, grading, topics, readings, (ideally) everything. And we will learn right along with them--teachers as learner-leaders. The ultimate goal is real world understanding, participation, and publication.

We're starting with a blog. Wish us luck and follow our progress.


MK Stover said...

This sounds amazing!
I will be following along.

I'm The Chez said...

This is the coolest thing ever. I have subscribed to your symposium blog. I'm stoked to see the progress!!!!

The Argument Clinic said...

This was the only way I could figure out how to get this link to you. Hope it works.